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Discover the power of a full-service eCommerce growth marketing department that seamlessly integrates with your business. At Igor.Digital, we specialize in data-driven paid advertising on Meta Ads, delivering unparalleled results to help your brand thrive. Our commitment to integrity and hard work sets us apart, ensuring that your business reaches new heights in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce.

1. Overcoming iOS 14 Challenges

In the wake of iOS 14 updates, digital advertisers face significant challenges. However, our advanced tracking technology enables us to overcome these hurdles and keep your ads performing optimally. Our team adapts swiftly to the latest developments, ensuring your campaigns remain effective, profitable, and compliant with evolving privacy standards.

2. Data-Driven Strategy

Our data-driven approach forms the foundation of our eCommerce growth marketing services. We analyze your campaign data meticulously to uncover trends, insights, and optimization opportunities. Armed with this information, we refine your advertising strategy, maximizing your return on investment and fostering sustainable growth for your business.

3. Growth Marketing Solutions

As a full-blown growth marketing department, we offer a wide range of services to supercharge your eCommerce business. From paid advertising and conversion rate optimization to email marketing and content creation, we provide everything you need to succeed. Simply plug us into your business, and watch your brand soar to new heights.

4. Transparency and Integrity

At Igor.Digital, we believe in conducting business with transparency and integrity. We provide detailed reports and insights into campaign performance, ensuring that you understand exactly where your advertising dollars are going. Our team of experts works diligently to guarantee that your investment generates the results you deserve.

5. Dedication to Your Success

We understand that success requires hard work and dedication. Our team of seasoned professionals stays current with industry trends, best practices, and innovative strategies to ensure your campaigns outperform the competition. We are committed to helping your business excel, and we won’t rest until you achieve the growth you envision.

With our advanced tracking technology, commitment to integrity, and hard work, we are poised to plug into your eCommerce business and drive unparalleled success. Partner with us today and unleash the full potential of your brand.
Igor Zvagelsky
Owner @ Igor.Digital

What's Next?

Account Diagnosis

We’ll audit your ads account & provide you with actionable ideas on how to improve your ad performance. 
In addition, we’ll make sure that you’re using current best practices, verify the conversion tracking to make sure that the data is tracked correctly.
 We’ll also go through your monthly reports & compare them to actual results to make sure the numbers add up.

Done-For-You Growth Services

Sit back, relax and let us do all the work! 
We’ll be your “plug-and-play” growth marketing department. 
We’ll manage all your paid channels, optimize your ads, set up cross channel tracking, and improve your strategy. 
Basically, catapulting your ROAS and making you more profit.

Trying to unleash your eCommerce growth?

Let's catch up on a call and figure out how we can work together to fuel your success!

Let's catch up on a call and figure out how we can work together to fuel your success!